Welcome to Da Tang Zhen Wei!

The return of the Tang! After upgrading our dining experience on all fronts, Datang now brings the wildly popular French style hotpot here to Miami; a feast where east meets west.

Our unique soup accentuates the nutritious elements of many different kinds of food. We have gone to great lengths to choose out the finest American and Australian Wagyu, Australian lamb, the most exquisite fresh seafood and organic vegetables that can be consumed raw or simmered to your liking. You can even walk over to the main lobby and pluck live plants which you can mix and match with our ingredients to your liking. Pour your own individuality into the pot.

We also have a special offer of $16.99 per person for lunch and $36.99 per person for dinner. Of course, you may also choose to taste our braised pork, Peking duck, special skewers, fresh shrimp as well as other special dishes and a limited quantity of live fish. As long as you place your order 24 hours ahead of time, we can also prepare special orders to your liking.

For all reservations and orders please contact 786-747-4686.